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The Designers


We are passionate about jewellery, and through our work we aim to make people more aware of the delights and unique aesthetic of handmade jewellery. Although each of us has a distinctive style and our own specialist techniques, our work also complements each other’s.

teamAdi says:  “Attention to detail and the energy that goes into the making of a piece are important to me.”
“Meeting people with unusual jewellery, reveals a lot about them as individuals. To me jewellery is not just about adornment, but rather an expression of a person’s individuality.

Adeline:   My work embodies quirkiness and a sense of humour. ‘I love collecting stories and moments that I translate directly into jewellery themes.’

Adi & Adeline are members of the Fine Ounce Goldsmith Collective, which aims to create awareness about handmade art jewellery in South Africa and the world.

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Firepetals is a Cape Town based jewellery design studio that specializes in unique, contemporary and handmade jewellery. It was established in 2005 when jewellery designers... read more

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