Paging through the Firepetals portfolio reveals their unique handmade jewellery ranges where materials like silver, gold, gem stones, diamonds, wood, glass beads and found objects are used to create their distinctive works of art. 

Apart from the Firepetals Classics, they also have a special collection of one-off pieces. 

custom made engagement, wedding & other jewellery

We create distinctive wedding rings and other jewellery ranging from the classics to the unusual. We also design and custom make jewellery to specific requirements. 


We specialise in unique and exciting jewellery for men, like Ebony rings and funky cufflinks. 

The “Liefie “range

The “Liefie” range was developed for Mom’s, Grandmothers or moms-to-be and is an ideal gift for babyshowers. It could be a single pendant or a whole washing line of different baby clothes Baby’s name and date of birth can be engraved on the pendant and your necklace could be extended and new pendants added , as your family grows.

The “Liefie” range by Firepetals was developed with Mothers, mothers to be and grandmothers in mind. It is also the perfect gift for a baby shower or as a funky alternative to the more traditional maternity jewellery.

“Liefie” literally means “my darling” or “beloved”. All the pieces in the “Liefie” range are custom made to suit a customer’s taste and budget in sterling silver or gold or a combination of the two metals. Baby names can be engraved and birthstones added.

All pendants can be strung on semi-precious stone beads, copper beads or seed pearls available in many different colours. Pendants can also be ordered individually and could be hung on a chain or leather thong.

Certain elements can be transformed to brooches, earrings and charms as well.

Renew, Refine and Transform

Transform your old jewellery into something new and contemporary

If your jewellery box is cluttered with your school seal ring, Granny’s old brooch and your engagement ring from 3 engagements ago, send it in and we can custom make something new, that you would want to wear every day.

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