Jewellery Making Classes

Jewellery making classes are offered for those wanting to explore their own creative ideas. The classes have been running since 2007. Contact us to book your spot.

A maximum of seven students can be accommodated per class and there is a mixture of beginners and more advanced students in most classes. Every student gets treated on an individual level and according to the project they are working on. There is no set timespan for the course, so classes are ongoing. Some students have been with us for ten years and others sign up for two or three months.

Classes will introduce you the the basic techniques required in the process of making jewellery.

Once a basic understanding of the process involved has been established, you will be assisted to design and make your own pieces of jewelley.

The emphasis of the classes is to teach each student on an individual level and according to what they would like to learn.

Class fees include the use of the studio facilities and tools, but not any metal, tones or consumables. A startup kit with the basics is available from us.


Our jewellery making classes

Class times

Evenings classes:

Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday: 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Morning classes:

Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday : 10am – 1pm

Class fees

R 1 500 per month for one class per week.